IC Electronics manufacture a range of Solid State Electronic Contactors and Motor Controllers. They are available in different current ratings and versions including Single, Dual & Three Phases with control voltages ranging from 5V DC up to 230V AC. Click on any of the options below to view the Data Sheet in PDF format.



SMC3, DOL Motor Starter 2 Controlled Phases SC1, 1 Pole Electronic Contactor
SRC3, Reversing Motor Starter 2 Controlled Phases SC2, 2 Pole Electronic Contactor Seperately Switched
SMC33, Soft Starter 3 Controlled Phases SC3, 3 Pole Electronic Contactor
SMC3, Soft Starter 2 Controlled Phases SPC1, 1 Phase Analogue Power Controller
SMBC, Soft Starter & Dynamic Brake 2 Controlled Phase MAUX, Auxilliary Contact Module
STL3, Starting Torque Limiter for 3 Phase Motor  Technical Data, Dimensions, Weight etc. (All Models)
STL1, Starting Torque Limiter for 1 Phase Motor  Download Complete Catalogue 2006 (3MB File Size)


RC11, 1 Pole Electronic Contactor for Heating
RC22, 2 Pole Electronic Contactor for Heating
RC32, 3 Pole Contactor for Heating 2 Controlled Phases
RC33, 3 Pole Contactor for Heating 3 Controlled Phases

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