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     Tapeswitch Light Curtains:
  • IEC1496 design
  • Type 2 and Type 4 applications
  • Range of popular sizes and models
  • Easy installation
  • Compact and robust construction
  • Immunity to beacon flash
  • Mounting brackets included
  • Optically synchronised models


Light curtains have been assuring the safety of operators working at or near dangerous machinery for many years. The system works by creating a detection plane across the danger area such that any intrusion into the plane results in a stop signal being sent to the machine and the danger being removed. Light curtains are an important tool in safeguarding machinery and have many advantages to the user in allowing excellent visibility of the working operation and speedy access to equipment which in turn promotes efficient working practice.

All Tapeswitchn light curtains systems are designed to meet the requirements of IEC 1496 / EN61496. The range of curtains provides solutions to practically all machine-guarding applications with standard functions easily extended to provide features such as muting and blanking. Selection of the appropriate Series will depend on the specific requirements for guarding a dangerous area as well as the safety distance calculations in accordance with EN999.

Typical Applications: palletisers, automatic stackers, presses, robot assembly, conveyors

Information Sheets:    B Series,   SRUB ControllerBeam Blanking

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The Tapeswitch range briefly comprises:


B Series.
Type 4.
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A new dimension in light curtain design, the B Series is an extremely compact and intelligent unit. Available in a range of sizes and specifications, the B Series is ideal for applications involving finger, hand or torso protection and can be mounted horizontally, vertically or diagonally depending on the requirements. Additional features such as beam blanking and slave units make the B Series both versatile and cost-effective in more demanding applications.

Protection height: up to 1800mm
Detection capability 14mm, 30mm, 70mm
Cross section: 45mm x 36mm
Operating range 6m (14mm), 15m (30mm, 70mm)

K Series
Type 4

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K Series light curtains are trip devices designed for those applications where it is necessary to detect a person entering a dangerous area. Available as a 2, 3 or 4 beam system, the K Series offers a solution to most perimeter guarding requirements.

No of beams: 2, 3 or 4
Detection capability: 430mm (2), 350mm (3), 270mm (4)
Cross section: 70mm x 50mm
Operating range: 15m or 30m



Type 4

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A perfect solution to the problems of inadvertent access, the K-Retro system is ideal for shorter range guarding applications. Comprising one column housing the emitter and receiver device and a mirror to return the transmitted beam, this configuration ensures reduced cost and ease of installation with electrical connections to one side only.

No of beams: 2
Detection capability: 470mm
Cross section: 70mm x 50mm (housing), 64mm x 40mm (mirror)
Operating range: 6m



  T Series
                Type 2             
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A new level in light curtain technology, the new T Series light curtain is a compact system which offers essential hand protection where the level of safety integrity required is consistent with category 2 as defined by EN954-1. Available in a range of popular sizes as standard, the T Series provides the ideal solution to loading and unloading applications.                                                                   

Protection heights: up to 1800mm
Detection capability: 30mm
Cross section: 45mm x 36mm
Operating range: 15m                                    

Available soon!   


F Series
Type 2
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The new F Series range of light barriers are designed for access and perimeter guarding applications which are classified as requiring category 2 level of safety integrity. The guards are available in a choice of 2, 3 or 4 beam configurations with optional long range model if required.

No of beams: 2, 3 or 4
Beam spacing: 500mm (2), 400mm (3), 300mm (4)
Cross section: 45mm x 36mm
Operating range: 13m or 30m

Available soon!   



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Guardscan mirrors can be used in conjunction with a light curtain to provide efficient and cost-effective guarding solutions. The use of mirrors increases the flexibility of a curtain with beams being deflected around corners to give two and three sided guarding configurations. Guardscan's range of mirror columns comprises 5 different sizes of mirror and 4 mounting posts. These can be 'mixed and matched' according to the demands of the application.

Mirror heights: 365mm, 685mm, 1005mm, 1325mm, 1645mm         Column heights: 385mm, 705mm, 1025mm, 1345mm         Maximum overall height: up to 2320mm