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Tapeswitch offers a complementary range of safety and control devices providing industry with a complete package of solutions to the widest possible range of guarding and signalling problems. Since 1976, the name of Tapeswitch has traditionally been associated with the design and manufacture of safety light curtains. After becoming part of the Inductotherm Group, Tapeswitch extended its capabilities to include the production of *Tapeswitch-based products for Europe.


Light curtains advanced machine guarding systems designed for perimeter and access guarding to the highest level of safety integrity for finger and hand protection.
Safety mats heavy-duty, pressure-sensitive sensors designed for access guarding and presence-sensing in dangerous areas.
Sensing edges pressure-sensitive sensing devices designed for control and pinch-point applications to heavy-duty obstruction sensing and personnel protection.
Tapeswitches versatile 'press-at-any-point' switch technology designed for unique signalling and measuring applications to areas of personnel protection