BEI IDEACOD manufacture a range of high quality encoders that can be used to convert any position, movement, speed or acceleration into digital information for any PLC or Machine Controller. The various combinations of optical disks, output circuits, output connections, shaft diameters and couplings give BEI IDEACOD one of the broadest ranges of encoders on the market.

Solid Shaft Fixed Resolution  Single Turn Solid Shaft Parallel Output
Solid Shaft Programmable Resolution Single Turn Solid Shaft SSI Output
Hollow Shaft Fixed Resolution Single Turn Hollow Shaft Parallel Output
Hollow Shaft Programmable Resolution Single Turn Hollow Shaft SSI Output
Multi Turn Solid Shaft Fixed Resolution
Multi Turn Solid Shaft Programmable Resolution
Multi Turn Hollow Shaft Fixed Resolution
Accessories Brochure Multi Turn Hollow Shaft Programmable Resolution


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